Remote Facilitation Workshops

WHAT: Remote Facilitation is online workshop where we learn how to use technology to drive beloved facilitation techniques.

WHO: Scrum Masters, Meeting Facilitators, Project Managers, Facilitation Enthusiasts and others


WHEN: Schedule of the regular online sessions is here. For private on-line classes use inquiry form


Remote meetings can be boring and messy if people not involved from very beginning. Very very important step is to set a positive tone in the first minutes. This session is fully dedicated to ice-breakers – facilitation practice aimed to check-in, open up participants for collaboration. In this session we explore how Zoom and Mural can be used to facilitate ice-breakers:

  • Ice-breaker questions
  • Ice breaker to test online toolkit
  • Mind-blowing meeting check-in
  • Visualization and effect of presence
  • Team happiness check-in


Collective decision making process requires participation and involvement from every individual. Brainstorming helps to engage people from the very first minute of the meeting and in this session we explore different brainstorming patterns and variations of the brainstorming process. More information in the recent experience report

  • Brainstorming check-in
  • Creativity Matrix
  • Innovator Compass
  • Team Canvas

Round Robin

You have probably noticed that it is extremely difficult to retain people’s interest in the remote meeting. Round Robin is a super hero that comes and rescue a boring meeting. However this hero requires superpowers that he can apply in your context. We are going to practice multiple way of running round robins.

  • How to run effective Daily Scrums
  • Round Robins with Murals
  • How to leverage team Slack
  • Time-boxing to keep energy on high


Problem solving in the meeting requires in-depth exploration of the root causes. Otherwise discussion inclining into very superficial set of assumptions posing very low impact and usefulness. Generating insights to the discussed problem requires good techniques and tools. In this session we are going to practice different approaches to the very popular 5 WHY method

  • How to facilitate 5 why in remote meeting
  • Visual boards in Mural
  • Mind maps
  • Discuss solution to the root cause rather than symptom

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