Effective Scrum Meetings

WHAT: Effective Scrum Meetings is an online training where we study how to best facilitation practices remotely.

COMU: Scrum Masters, Meeting Facilitators, Project Managers, Enthusiasts and Other TeamWork Innovators


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Sprint planning

Can a team create a valuable product increment if there is no quality planning? There are not many such examples. But poorly spent Planning Sprint poses many challenges on the way to achieving the goal. What are we going to do?

  • In an online format, let's learn how to do sprint planning
  • Matrix User Story vs Definition of Done
  • Effective creation of The Sprint Backlog
  • Forecasting
  • Sprint goal patterns

Grooming Backlog Product

Will there be quality requirements if the whole team does not participate in the process of clarification and clarification? The product's backlog requires constant attention from the Scrum team, both product owner and specialists. What are we going to do?

  • In the online format, we will learn how to properly groom the product's backlog
  • Let's try User Story Canvas
  • We will discuss the roles in Scrum from the point of view of the product's backlog grooming
  • Patterns of breaking down user stories

How to conduct Daily Scrum

You've probably had the difficulty of keeping an interest in team discussions. Round Robin is our super-hero who saves the facilitator from a complete fiasco. But the superhero needs to understand the context, otherwise his super-strength will be thrown to the wind. We'll try a few techniques for round robins.

  • Different ways to run circular techniques
  • Holding Daily Scrum
  • Using Mural
  • Integrate slack into the meeting process
  • Time-boxing to maintain energy

Sprint review

Have you ever researched how much interesting Scrum Guide recommends including Sprint Review in the ageof? Many scrum practices are confident that at the end of the Sprint you just need to show the product owner the result in the form of product increment. But it's not like that at all. What are we going to do?

  • In an online format, let's learn how to conduct a quality Sprint Review
  • Bazaar mode – an alternative to boring demo
  • Long-term forecasting
  • Inspecting a potential market


In retrospect, you will face many challenges: engaging the team in the discussion, finding ways to optimize teamwork, managing conflict, maintaining interest and showing the value of retrospectives. What are we going to do?

  • In an online format, we will learn how to conduct a quality Sprint Retrospective
  • Preparing for Retrospective and Building Facilitation
  • Scrum-master's role as facilitator
  • Using Liberating Structures in virtual mode

Joint assessment of requirements

Everything is fine in the team, as long as it comes to joint assessment of requirements or tasks. Such activities generate a lot of controversy and conflict that can easily spiral out of control. There have been cases when the team is unable to assess the requirements within a month. But how then to manage this, so that the evaluation process was effective and did not take much time?

  • Let's discuss two measurement systems: absolute and relative
  • Test the technique of affinity estimation online
  • Let's try Planning Poker using Mural
  • Let's talk about the disadvantages and benefits of appraisal techniques

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