Inspiring Product Development with Sprint Review Canvas

The Sprint Review is perhaps one of the most difficult elements in the product development with Scrum. When I started out as Scrum Master, I didn’t attach much importance to this meeting. Therefore, during the first three years in this role, all my sprint reviews were limited to showing the results to the Product Owner.Continue reading “Inspiring Product Development with Sprint Review Canvas”

User Story Canvas Drives Complex Refinement

The practice of describing requirements with user stories is widely accepted in agile community. It is also commonly used as the template for expressing the Product Backlog items. User stories describe different needs and wants of a persona who expect to get a better experience with products and services comparing to the current situation. UserContinue reading “User Story Canvas Drives Complex Refinement”

DoD Matrix at Sprint Planning

Many teams have been adopting an iterative way to deliver new services, products, and complex projects. Duration of the iteration is one month or less and starts with short planning session. In Scrum, the iteration is called Sprint and the mandatory rule says that at the end of the Sprint there must be a doneContinue reading “DoD Matrix at Sprint Planning”

Online Facilitation of the Business Model Canvas

Modern startup landscape is full of new products and services, but only a few are able to build a business strategy competently. I firmly believe that basic entrepreneurial skills should be developed even if you do not have a plan to launch your own business in the near future. Business Model Canvas (BMC) is aContinue reading “Online Facilitation of the Business Model Canvas”

Self-organization in Virtual Space

The process of collective decision-making requires a high degree of self-organization that does not happen on its own. The facilitator should prepare an action plan for decision-making. Online format entails additional difficulties and challenges associated with virtual communication. Let’s look at the common problems with self-organization and possible solutions. Readiness to practice self-organization Lack ofContinue reading “Self-organization in Virtual Space”

Energy and icebreakers at an online meeting

Remote meetings can be boring and non-intrusive if you don't involve participants from the first seconds. Setting the group up for the positive is the most important step in achieving the right tone and mood. The online format adds even more complexity: the participant turns off the camera, turns off the microphone, looks at theContinue reading “Energy and icebreakers at an online meeting”

Техника “5 почему” в онлайн формате

Обсуждать сложные проблемы, находить согласие в коллективе и двигаться к правильным решениям – это непростая задача, тем более в онлайн формате. Для таких встреч нужен слаженный процесс и фасилитатор, направляющий коллектив к цели. На предыдущем, 4-м митапе “онлайн фасилитаторов”, мы протестировали фасилитационные практики для исследования проблемы и нахождения системных решений, которые основываются на технике 5Continue reading “Техника “5 почему” в онлайн формате”

Facilitating Remote Brainstorming Sessions

While new reality forced teams to collaborate remotely, the need for socialization is growing, hence virtual team buildings come into the picture. Thanks to modern technologies, it’s never being easier to run interactive workshop online. Last week a group of enthusiasts met together to practice brainstorming activities to see how we can put new technologiesContinue reading “Facilitating Remote Brainstorming Sessions”

FAST RACE Agile Estimates

The most common question around agile estimates: What are the benefits of Story Points vs Hours? How to estimate and execute fixed triangle projects? How to estimate Sprint to be more accurate and predictable? Story Points vs Hours Story Points are turned to be very popular for estimating Product Backlog. Story Points are effective whenContinue reading “FAST RACE Agile Estimates”