Energy and icebreakers at an online meeting

Remote meetings can be boring and non-intrusive if you don't involve participants from the first seconds. Setting the group up for the positive is the most important step in achieving the right tone and mood. The online format adds even more complexity: the participant turns off the camera, turns off the microphone, looks at the computer paralyzed news, i.e. lack of presence effect and as a result – decreased attention. On our weekly facilitator mitap, we focused on a variety of icebreakers and energy- practices that help open participants to work together. Here's what we did.

Gifok Tournament

Excellent technique that can be used as an energy opener:

  1. Use a white collaborating board (Mural worked well)
  2. The facilitator finds a proverb that may reflect dysfunction in remote encounters, such as. "I'm not me, and the hut is not mine"
  3. The facilitator asks for one minute to find in the Ine gif, which displays the proverb
  4. The facilitator asks participants to quickly vote for the most ridiculous and positive
  5. The winner tells how not to hold today's meeting


At online meetings people sit a lot and energy shimmers from head to fifth point. It is necessary every 45 minutes to change the position of the body and warm up at least 5 minutes. This technique is well suited to increase the energy of the group in the middle of a meeting.

  • Each participant takes a favorite charge (soften brushes, massage the nose, etc.)
  • Everyone turn on the camera and get back on their feet
  • Take turns doing the proposed exercise

Time machine

When the energy of the group falls strongly towards the end of the meeting (tense discussion, conflict, have not reached the goal), it is still necessary to finish on a high note, to distract, to raise morals. A time machine will help us.

  1. Use a white collaborating board (Mural worked well)
  2. Each participant finds a picture of the time and place in which he would like to find himself now
  3. The facilitator asks participants to describe this time and place
  4. The facilitator thanks for attending the meeting and wishes that the dreams come true
  5. Participants thank each other and close meetings

Online teambuilding is the city of our dreams

It happens that the group comes to the meeting with something demotivated, in a bad mood. Short energy will not be enough to pick up, distract and raise motivation. It takes 20-30 minutes of teambuilding.

  • The facilitator creates several boards in Murale
  • At the zoom, with the help of rooms, to break into groups of 3-4 people
  • Give 15 minutes to create a dream city using The Opportunity of Mural
  • Give each team 5 minutes to talk about metaphors

What else …

At the end of the mitap, the participants exchanged experiences of how to increase the energy of the group

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