Scrum Simulator for Beginners

Some time ago, I summarised the unique experience of delivering one day agile workshop. Unfortunately, I don’t use use this form of the training anymore, but the effectiveness was incredible. I’m pretty sure that I will have another occasion to deliver such simulation one more time.

Agile Simulator – Mechanics

The idea is to bring the team (including potential Product Owner) together and simulate all the Scrum elements using real data (requirements, tasks and goals). Instead of Lego, Paper, Airplanes and Drawings we took a list of 5-10 new product requirements. We created Product Backlog when I facilitated short Product Backlog Refinement sessions to add an estimate, value, description and acceptance criteria, as it is something real. We created Sprint Backlog using physical board with all tiny details, in order to demonstrate the the power of visual radiators. During the Daily Scrum, team was trying to update their tasks as it could be in the real world. We completed with Sprint Review. During the final part we used retrospective techniques to discuss what are the challenges we should think of a little bit ahead.


The benefit of the Scrum simulation workshop is that the team can record a session on the video camera which might be useful to remember some practices and bring them into real life. With experienced trainer and coach the Scrum simulation can make more impact on the beginners than any other form of training.

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